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Thunderhawk Plans

Here you will find the drawings I've used for building my Thunderhawk, I've exported them in to jpg pictures so everyone can open them and start building. Succes with the building!!

Just draw the plan exactly on paper. Stick the paper to a plastic plate with some tape. Next you cut the outline of the drawing precisely on the lines with a sharp knife. If you have done that remove the paper and cut the outlines completely. Now you have your raw part. Use a vile, a knife and some sanding paper to finish it off. Some part have lines on the top of the surface, this is to give the part some detail witch is real easy to do, just cut the lines with a knife (easy, just a surface cut) and the patron will be visible on the part.  

Keep in mind that these drawings are raw guidelines to what you are really making, you have to make the parts fit in the work. Before you cut out the parts check every measure, I've made changes in the work also.

If you have any questions, become a member of the forum and post you questions there, I will try to answer them quickly.

Download the drawings by opening the drawings by clicking on the thumbnails and then at the big picture right click on the picture and select "save target as".

If you start making the thunderhawk with these plans please let me know I would like to know who's working on it and I would defenitly would like to see the results and put the pictures of them on my website.


The body

The side part consist out of two drawings; the back part and the front part. As expected you have to combine those two drawings to make one side. Make two of these sites by putting the sites together at the green striped line.


                                                    Back of side plate                                                                 Front of side plate

The drawings for the undersite of the body


                            Front floor plate                            floor back plate                                            Back side floor plate

                                                                              with entery doors

The drawings for the topsite of the body


                                 Front top plate                                                 Top back plate                                 Top and end endplates

The drawings for the midsection floor and wall (make 2) of the body


                             Front door                                                          Cockpit floor plate                                  Extra standing midwall plate


Internal overview


The Wings

The drawings for the main wings (make sure your have a left and a right wing!!!, mirror the drawing)

Main wing

The drawings for the front wings (make sure your have a left and a right wing!!!, mirror the drawing)

Front wing


The drawings for the attack wings (make sure your have a left and a right wing!!!, mirror the drawing)

Attack wing

The Low top turret

The drawings for the low top turret, you have to make the long side twice and the fit the five pieces together before glueing them.

Low top turret

The Cockpit hatch

The drawings for the cockpit hatch

Cockpit hatch

The tale

The drawings for the tale.


                                                                  Tale                                                 Top tale plate


The Engines

The drawings for the engines.


                                                  Main engine                                                                      Wing engine (2x)


The leg emplacements, legs and foot

The drawings for the leg emplacements.


                                                    Frontleg emplacement                                         Rearleg emplacement



                                                              Frontleg                                                            Rearleg (2x)


                                                                                                  Foot (3x)

The Battle canon and rocket

The drawings for the battle canon and rockets


                                                            Battle canon                                                          Rocket 


The drawings for several detail plates


                                                  Side rear detail plate (2X)                                           Low turret front detail plate




                                       Detail plate round cockpit hatch                                                 Top turret top detail plate




                                                                                 Ultramarines Insignia front door