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Finishing the undersite

Like I've said I have to paint the whole undersite before I can move on with the topsite of the Thunderhawk.

The only things I have to put on are the missiles, I think it's going to be 3 on each site but I can paint them seperately and then glue them on the wings. Further I have to put some decals on it.

So I did, here's the result:











Detailing the topsite

I've started detailing the topsite of the Thunderhawk. First I've started with the topturret and almost fully painted it, when I revieved the Cannon barrel I wanted to do that first. After that I've been detaling the topsite of the wingengine and main engine.

I then added the various little details like:


The rosters at the backsite of the hawk with on the site a detail plate

Finished the attack wings (detailing the undersite of the attackwings as well)

Made a support for the attackwings on the mainwings

The site detail on each site of the front door connectors

Added details on the sitepanels of the frontwings

 I missed something on the front windows so I've added a extra panel over the it with some insignia

Made an Imperial eagle to go on the lowturret frontpanel.

Cut various details in the plate of the body

Added a lot of little detail blocks and plates all over the body

Changed the inside of the frontdoor with a new panel and roster

Painted the cockpit hatch