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The Start

Here you will find almost all of the pictures I took during the building of my Thunderhawk. I took very 

much pictures too let you see as much as possible. You can use them as a guide when building one yourself.


I started cutting out the rough shapes of the thunderhawk and put it together, before I could glue it together I had to spray and paint the interior becaus ones glued together I could not paint the details of the interiour.

I detailed the interior of the cockpit and the loading bay, spray painted it and painted the details.

I had the 3 motors custom made by the company where my brother works, along with more things like the main gun, rockets for the mainwings, the legs for the landinggear. The motors were made alluminum and rest of plastic.


Next I got the wing engines, I had to make a contruction so that the wing site of the motor attatchement would be a solid construction to the main body. I used 4 mm nails to do the job, I drilled holes in the wings and in the engines and in the main body and glued it all together with super glue and finised it off with putty.

I the started working on the top, the attackwings, the attachment of the weapons and the little front wings and converted the twin heavy bolters wich will come on the undersite of the big wings.