Finally!!, a novel about the Ultramarines. It was a great novel to read, I always love to read stories

about the Ultramarines. It gives me some food for my imatination to build up a world around my Ultramarines army.


What is the novel about?

Humanity was not the first species to walk among the stars. Their existence is a mere blink of an eye to those immortal beings that still exist, concealed, all around. Now a discovery has been made that may lead to a savage upheaval in their aeon-long dormancy. Newly promoted Ultramarines Captain Uriel Ventris is assigned to investigate Pavonis, an Imperial planet plagued by civil disorder and renegade eldar raiders.

But nothing is as straightforward as it appears, and wheels are turning within wheels. Uriel and his allies are forced into a deadly race against time to destroy their shadowy enemy - or the whole planet must be sacrificed for the good of humanity.

Do you want to get a better impression of the novel?, download an extract from the novel. Remember to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it.


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Uriel Ventris
Astartes - Captain, 4th Company


Chronicle Vita:

876 - Born on the cavern world of Calth from the same family of the Ultramarine hero, Veteran Sergeant Lucian Ventris of the 1st Company. Lucian's death in the northern polar defence fortress on Macragge during the first Tyrannic war remains an example to us all.

882 - Inducted into the Agiselus Barracks, training ground of both Roboute Guilliman and Marneus Calgar. Though dogged by allegations of favouritism, his impressive record of accomplishments more than proved his suitability for such a prestigious establishment.

889 - Graduated with honours from Agiselus and selected by the Ultramarines for training at the Fortress of Hera.

898 - Completed training at Fortress of Hera. Inducted into the Scout Company

909 - Inducted into the Fourth Company under the command of Captain Idaeus.

925 - Liberation of Vorhn's World from Ork Waaargh! led by Arch Maniac of Cabela

932-937 - Interdiction duties on Ultramar Borders. Ship boarding actions against renegades, plunderers and unknown piratical ships.

945 - Destruction of Flame of Iniquity, a Space Hulk that threatened Forge Worlds in the Mereneas Core.

969 - Battle of Black Bone Road [Index Expurgatorious] [file sealed]

972 - Horranveth Purgation

983-993 - [File restricted] [cf Deathwatch]

994 - Balur Crusade, a mixed Chapter-force led by Marneus Calgar that operated against various xenos-held worlds on the Eastern Fringe.

995 - Fought on Ichar IV against Hive Fleet Kraken

999 - Fought in the Appolyon Crusade to liberate Imperial world of Thracia from Chaos. Took battlefield command of the Fourth Company after the death in action of Captain Idaeus. Confirmed as Captain shortly after his successful destruction of Bridge 2-4.

6 months later - Fought on Pavonis (see separate report Nightbringer for full details). Notable actions include boarding the renegade eldar ship Stormbringer, the rescue of Inquisitor Ario Barzano and the Battle of Tembra Ridge. After the action, Uriel was awarded with the title Hero of Pavonis.



Bobby Wong and Uriel Ventris?

When I was at the site of Games Workshop I saw that Bobby Wong also was exited about the Nightbringer Novel, and as we all know Bobby likes to make  beautiful miniatures of the head players of Warhammer 40K stories, as he did for example with Leonatos.

He did this also with leading character Captain Uriel Ventris!, for I found a picture of some work in progress on the model Uriel Ventris. He wil be doing a "making of", so in al while I hope to present this also, along with a picture of a fully painted model. I wish Bobby succes with painting the model and so far he did a great job I think.



Here are the pictures of the finished Uriel Ventris, Bobby did a great painting job.

I hope you like it as much as I did.

See the "Links" section for a link to his site and see more of his fantastic 

painted Ultramarines Miniatures