Captain Invictus was the head of the Ultramarines 1st Company when it was destroyed defending the polar fortresses in the Battle of Macragge during the first Tyrannic War. Invictus had honed the Company carefully after the losses of the Corinthian Crusade, gradually expanding it with stolid veterans drwn from the rest of the Chapter in accordance with the edicts of the sacred Codex Astartes. As such it sufferd none of the failing of many reformed Companies; squad cooperation was flawless and fire discipline superb. Invictus was fanatically committed to ensuring that his battle brothers deserved the respect they gained from the rest of the Chapter and drove them with relentless energy. Invictus also acted as Regent of Ultramar, and oversaw much of the rulership of Macragge itself when the Master of the Ultramarines was busy with other duties.

As such it was he who requested that the first Company be assigned to protecting the two polar fortresses, the vital lynchpins in Macragge's orbital defence network. He judged, rightly as it transpired, that the Tyranids would attempt to make landings at these places to neutralise the defences, opening the door for untold numbers of the creatures to swarm down and infest the planet. The presece of the elite veterans of the 1st Company ensured that the Tyranids sufferd unsustainable casualties overrunning the fortresses, delaying the inevitable for long enough that Calgar and the rest of the Chapter could forge a victory in space. Captain Invictus' body was discoverd among those of the last stand of the 1st Company in Silo 8 of the northern fortress. It is said that the bodies of their enemies streched six deep for twenty yards all about them, and every pace from the silo to the entrance four levels above. recieving; encoding; +++..............encrypting passwords;         ++++......Reading file header; +++...file oke;    .........................................................filling databases                        ..........................................................Permission granted to read file!

+++++++++DATE    :    IMPERIAL DATE 513M41                                                                      +++++++++REF.      :   INQ/085553/BR/HQSPCH-HDQ                                                 +++++++++RE.       :    CAPTAIN INVICTUS                                                      +++++++SUBJECT    :    STATISTICS AND WEAPONERY 


When you use Captain Invictus in your army, he counts as an HQ choice. 

An Ultramarines army which contains ten or more Vetarans or Terminator(including his Bodyguard) may include Captain Invictus. Captain Invictus must be used exactly as described below, and may not be given additional equipment from the Space Marine Armoury. Captain Invictus can be used regardless of whether the players have agreed on the use of special characters 

Troop type PNT WS BS S T W I A LD
HQ 142 5 5 4 4 2 5 4 10


  • Captain Invictus wears Terminator armour (save 2+, invunrable save 5+) 

  • Captain Invictus has Terminator Honours (bonus attack included)

  • Captain Invictus has a powerfist

  • Captain Invictus has a teleporter homer

  • Captain Invictus moves 6" in the movement phase

  • Captain Invictus assaults  6" in the assault phase



    Plasma Blaster

    The plasma blaster was a specially built combi-weapon crafted by the famed Artificer Putus in the 38th milennium. It incorporated two plasma guns on a weapon mount suitable for replacing the stormbolter on a suit of Terminator armour. The plasma blaster counts as a linked plasma gun which is always stationary. This means it may always rapid fire as if stationary even if Invictus moves, and re-rolls his To Hit dice, minimising chances of an overheat.






    Plasma Blaster



    2 Linked weapon, rapid fire, gets hot! Always counts as stationry

    Independent Character

    Unles accompanied by a bodyguard, Captain Invictus is an independent character and follows all the special rules as detailed in the Warhammer 40.000 rulebook.


    As Captain of the 1st Company, Invictus is able to equip his personal troops to the highest standard. As such he may either choose to be accompanied by a Command squad which must be upgraded to wearing Terminator armour (+25 pnts per model) or accompanied by a unit of Terminators or Vetarans instead. If a unit of Terminators or veterans is chosen, each model in the unit may be given up to 50 pnts of additional equipment from the Space Marine Armoury. In either case, Invictus ceases to be an independent character as he leads the unit instead.