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+++++++++DATE    :    IMPERIAL DATE 513M41                                                                      +++++++++REF.      :   INQ/084553/BR/HQRC                                                 +++++++++RE.       :    ANCIENT HELVETICUS                                                       +++++++SUBJECT    :    BEARER OF THE BATTLE STANDARD OF MACRAGGE, STATISTICS      


A Ultramarines army of 1500 points or greater may include Ancient Helveticus. If you decide to include him then he counts as one of the HQ choices for the army but the army must still be led by a Hero, Chaplain or Librarian. Ancient Helveticus must be exatly as described below, and may not be given additional equipment from the Space Marines Armoury. Helveticus can be used regardless of wheter the players have agreed on the use of special characters.

Although this character entry portrays Ancient Helveticus it can be used without modification to represent any of the Ancients who carried the Banner of Macragge over the long history of the Ultramarines.


Troop type PNT WS BS S T W I A LD
HQ 190 5 5 4 4 2 5 4 9


  • Ancient Helveticus wears power amour (save 3+) 

  • Ancient Helveticus has Banner of Macragge

  • Ancient Helveticus has a power fist

  • Ancient Helveticus has Terminator Honours (bonus attack included above)

  • Ancient Helveticus has a boltpistol

  • Ancient Helveticus is equiped with frag and krak granades

  • Ancient Helveticus moves 6" in the movement phase

  • Ancient Helveticus assaults  6" in the assault phase



    Banner of Macragge

    The Banner of Macragge is the Ultramarines' Chapter banner and as such has the combined effect of both the Sacred Standard and Holy Relic wargear items (See Codex Space Marines for details). In addition, Ancient Helveticus and any Ultramarines squad he joins becomes fearless and automatically passes any morale check or pinning test that they/he/she have to take. Even effects which normally force a fall back move to take place with no Morale check taken are ignored by the banner bearer and the unit he accompanies. Finally, the presence of the Banner Macragge is an unwelcome sight to their enemies - it tells them that they are facing the entire might of the Chapter. This is represented by all enemy units within 12" of the banner bearer suffering -1 to there leadership values for any Morale checks they are forced to make. Also these benefits do not aply if Ancient Helveticus is inside a vehicle, bunker or off-table in reserve. 

    Banner of Macragge summary:

    1) Counts as a Sacred Standard (6" range, +1 combat reselution) and a Holy Relic (2D6" range, +1 attack per battle).

    2) Helveticus and the unit he joined become fearless

    3) -1 to enemy Morale checks within 12"


    Only the most devout and dedicated of the Ultramarines are even considered for the position of Ancient. Those that are chosen have the weight of ten thousand years of sacred tradition to fulfill, never to dishounour the banner, never to take a step back, and certainly never, ever to lose it in battle. The fierce dedication of the Ancients mean that they will overcome even death wounds to fight on to protect the banner. To represent this, Ancient Helveticus' armour save counts as being invulnerable, so he may ignore any wounds he suffers on a D6 roll of 3 or more, even ones which allow no armour saving throw.

    Protect the flag!

    If Ancient Helveticus is killed, leave the model in place to show where the banner has fallen. Regardless of the mission being played, the Ultramarines player now also has to fulfill the victory conditions for a 'Rescue' mission (see page 143 of the Warhammer 40000 rule book), treating the sadly departed Helveticus miniature as the objective. If the Ultramarines player is not in possession of the banner at the end of the battle, he lose regardless of any other victory conditions. If he has the banner then he only wins if has fulfilled the victory conditions of the original mission as well, but he can be sucure in the knowledge that he hasn't stanined the hounour of the Chapter by losing the banner.

    Independent Character

    Ancient Helveticus is an independent character and follows all the special rules as detailed in the Warhammer 40.000 rulebook.