Daemon Hunters

The Ordo Malleus is a division of the Inquisition, those exceptional individuals that have waged a covert war for Humanity's continued survival over the last ten thousand years.

Every Inquisitor has sworn potent oaths to defend the Imperium from its worst enemies, and those of the Ordo Malleus are concerned with destroying the physical manifestation of Chaos itself: the Daemon.

Members of the Ordo have pledged their every waking hour to the discovery and scourging of the daemonic wherever it is to be found. An Inquisitor has at his disposal every member of the imperium, and will not hesitate to requisition local troops at a moments's notice. Such is the influence of the Inquisitor that he can even call upon the Space Marines of the Adeptus astartes, leading a force of the Imperium's finest warriors against Humanity's foul nemesis, wherever it appears

There are times when the scale of a deamonic infestation is such that even the most formidable and rightious inquisitors need to call upon aid to triumph. Thats when only one force in the breadth of the galaxy has any chance of stemming such a deamonic infestation: The Grey Knights

Surpassing even their brother Space Marines in skill and ability, the level of expertise that each Grey Knight wields is such that they can exterminate a daemonic infestation that outnumbers them many times over. Armed with psychically charged force weapons, storm bolters and an unshakeable faith in the emperor, there is little more daunting for a daemon to face.