Chaplain Cassius is amoungst the oldest members of the Ultramarines Chapter. 

Discounting those who fight on with the blessing of interment within Dreadnought armour.

Althoug close on four centries old, his ey remains sharp and his aim steady and his sturdy presence within the Ultramarines battle lines fills the hearts of his younger brethren with pride. Cassius can recal tales of the first Tyrannic war when he fought alongside Marneus Calgar, always "young Calgar" to Cassius, to purge Ultramar of the horrific denizens of Hivefleet Behemoth. His impassioned words have carried the Ultramarines forward into battle on a thousand worlds, firing them with his own deeply-held passion and belief. recieving; encoding; +++..............encrypting passwords;         ++++......Reading file header; +++...file oke;    .........................................................filling databases                        ..........................................................Permission granted to read file!

+++++++++DATE    :    IMPERIAL DATE 513M41                                                                      +++++++++REF.      :   INQ/084553/BR/HQRC                                                 +++++++++RE.       :    CHAPLIN CASSIUS                                                       +++++++SUBJECT    :    STATISTICS AND WEAPONERY 


When you use Chaplin Cassius in your army, he counts as an HQ choice. 

Troop type PNT WS BS S T W I A LD
HQ 142 5 5 4 4 2 5 4 9


  • Chaplin Cassius wears power amour (save 3+) 

  • Chaplin Cassius has a Crozius Arcanum (counts as power weapon)

  • Chaplin Cassius has a Rosarius (invulnerable saving throw 4+)

  • Chaplin Cassius has Terminator Honours (+1 attack)

  • Chaplin Cassius has a boltpistol

  • Chaplin Cassius is equiped with frag granades

  • Chaplin Cassius moves 6" in the movement phase

  • Chaplin Cassius assaults  6" in the assault phase



    Tyranid Hunter

    Cassius is one of the few serviving veterans of the first Tyrannic war. He has fought in many battles against the Tyranids and understands them all too well. His hard won experience has led the Ultramarines to victory against these aliens, overcoming both their heinous weaponry and inhuman constitution. Cassius and any Ultramarines squad led by him may re-roll its dice to wound against Tyranids for any shots taken using rapid fire and/or pistol weapons. If the second roll still fails to wound, the dice may not be re-rolled again.

    Great Knowledge

    Any Ultramarines unit within 6" of Cassius may re-roll its Morale checks, accepting the second result as final. Note that this ability can be used even if a Morale check is passed on the first roll, so you can use it to try to make sure that the Ultramarines fall back in disadvantageous or outright dangerous situations (Cassius counsels with both strength and wisdom)

    Independent Character

    Unles accompanied by a bodyguard, Cassius is an independent character and follows all the special rules as detailed in the Warhammer 40.000 rulebook.


    Cassius may be accompanied by a bodyguard as detailed for a Chaplain in the Codex Space Marine army list.