HQ Wargear Points
Marneus Calgar Gauntlets of Ultramar, frag & krak, terminator honors, bionics and artificer armor 168
Captain Invictus Terminator armor, terminator honors, teleport homer, plasma blaster, power fist 142
Captain Agemman Terminator armor, storm bolter, power sword 105
Captain Titus Artificer armor, storm bolter, power sword 100
Captain Augustus Plasma pistol, power sword 90
Librarian Tribinus Artificer armor, force weapon, bolt pistol 121
Chaplain Icarus Jump pack, terminator honors, bolt pistol 106
Emperor's Champion Sicarius Artificer armor, terminator honors, purity seals, iron halo, master crafted bolt pistol, black sword 105
Ancient Atavian Banner of Macragge, Terminator honors, bolt pistol, frag & krak, power fist 190
Invictus's bodyguard
6 Veterans 5 bolter-flamers, 1 flamer, 4 power weapons, frag grenades, 4 terminator honors 339
Veteran sergeant bolter-grenade launcher, power sword, frag grenades 56
Apothecary Narthecium, reductor, plasma pistol 63
Standard Bearer Sacred standard, powerfist, bolt pistol 64
Techmarine Servo-arm, signum, bolter 65
Terminator Squad
7 Terminators 2 assault cannons, 3 chainfists, 1 power sword 349
Assault Terminator Squad
5 Assault Terminators 2 lightning claws, 2 thunder hammers, 1 power sword 210
Dreadnought Severius Twin-linked lascannon, missile launcher 135
Dreadnought Laertes Twin-linked autocannon, ccw with stormbolter 110
Tactical Squad Alpha
9 Marines meltagun, frag & krak grenades, rhino apc-smoke launchers, extra armor 228
Veteran Sergeant bolter-melta, power fist 70
Tactical Squad Beta
9 Marines meltagun, frag grenades 154
Veteran Sergeant Power sword, frag grenades 46
Tactical Squad Gamma
10 Marines plasma gun, lascannon 171
Tactical Squad Theta
10 Marines flamer, missile launcher, frag grenades 176
Scout Squad
10 Scouts 6 sniper rifles, heavy bolter 175
Fast Attack
Assault Squad
9 Marines frag grenades, jump packs, 2 plasma pistols 235
Veteran Sergeant thunder hammer, storm shield, frag grenades, jump pack 80
Landspeeder Multi-melta 65
Landspeeder Tornado Heavy bolter, assault cannon 85
Landspeeder Typhoon Heavy bolter, twin-linked typhoon launchers 75
Heavy Support
Devastator Squad
5 Marines 4 missile launchers 155
Devastator Squad
5 Marines 2 heavy bolters, 2 plasma cannons 175
Whirlwind Turret mounted multiple missle launcher 75
Predator Destructor turret autocannon, sponson heavy bolters, pintle mounted storm bolter 120
Predator Destructor turret autocannon, sponson lascannons 125
Predator Annihilator turret twin-linked lascannon, sponson lascannons 145
Predator Annihilator turret twin-linked lascannon, sponson lascannons, pintle stormbolter 155
Land Raider twin-linked heavy bolters, 2x twin-linked lascannons pintle storm bolter, hunter killer launcher 275
Land Raider Crusader twin-linked assault cannons, 2x hurricane bolter sponsons, multi-melta, 265
frag assault launchers, extra armor, pintle mounted stormbolter
Destroyer Earthshaker cannon, 2 hunter-killer launchers, pintle mounted stormbolter 185
Total: 5753