We are the inheritors of Roboute.
Let no rule be beyond us.
Let no man stand in our way.


Welcome to the Ultramarines Chapter on the Web, this is a site totally dedicated to the finest  among the finest of Space Marine soldiers in the Warhammer 40K world; the ULTRAMARINES.You will also find the Omega Specialists as well as the ever feared LEGION OF THE DAMNED on this site, also check out the new DAEMONHUNTERS

I will try to keep you informed about the latest news from the Ultramarines front and will try to put this quickly on my site, further I'm frequently making new updates so keep coming back to check it out. 

Thank you for visiting "The Ultramarines Chapter" and keep on voting and visiting this site!!

Update!, Check it out; Gallery IV , Daemonhunters; New pics,

Visitors Gallery III, Rules for Chaplain Thantos

Project THUNDERHAWK!!, Check out the NEW pictures here




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